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Donald Trump's Intelligence

Week of 8th June 2020

A question that seems to have such an obvious answer yet can be argued in so many ways.


There is more evidence than not to prove that he is actually not an intelligent man at all, such as his suggestion to shoot disinfectant to guard against COVID-19.  Yet, he successfully became president of the most powerful country in the world, and dodged all attacks that were thrown at him.


And the fact that he has puzzled so many and continues to surprise people with his remarks, mean it is indeed a rather difficult question to answer.  Having said that, it will be far fetched to call him a genius by IQ.  But while he is not a highly intelligent individual, he certainly is skilled.


For those who thinks he’s not all that dumb:


For those who thinks he’s an outright idiot:

From the web:

From our Chief Opinionator:

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Trump is not a genius, but he is also no idiot


Trump surprises.  Unless he reveals what his IQ is, it will be virtually impossible to know how smart or stupid he really is. 

However, just as you think he is the biggest idiot, he surprises you with his tactic of gaining more loyal fans.  Those who support Donald Trump support him 101%.

He is no rocket scientist, but he knows how to play a game of psychology.  He has successfully turned infamous attention away to opponents’ flaws.  He has dodged impeachment.  He has strategically started a cold war with China.  He has even not caught Covid-19!  He did get elected after all, not because he claimed to be a great president, but he knew that he just needed to incite enough hate towards his opponent.  


Donald Trump understands that he doesn’t need to know the alphabet backwards, he just needs to know a few simple words that even the least educated voters will understand him.  And perhaps more importantly, he is aware that the country’s majority is not well educated enough to understand big words.  He is certainly smart enough to realize he cannot capture the entire US’ vote, but he just needs to appeal to a large enough population to get him into the White House.  He might not be all that intelligent, but he certainly knows the trick to the game of politics.


My conclusion is that he is not intelligent at all.  But he is just a bit smarter than those who are stupid enough to vote for him.  As the phrase goes, Donald Trump is a dumb man’s idea of a smart man.  So perhaps it is not the intelligence of Donald Trump we should be questioning, but the voters’.   


Donald Trump might just surprise us all yet again with a re-election.  After all, he still has us debating whether he is smart... or stupid.

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